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Realtors, Brokers, Agents & Contractors

                        Real Estate Professionals & Investors can have a win - win relationship

Some Real Estate professionals & Investors don't realize how mutually beneficial their relationships can be. Real Estate Pros, are skilled at helping clients navigate all aspects of the buying and selling process. Investors are skilled at assessing deals and recognizing the potential for profit. As an investor who has purchased properties, I've worked with a wide range of Agents and have experienced first hand the value they can bring to the table. Combining our respective talents can produce an advantageous partnership for years to come.    

The Benefits of working with us:

•  We specialize in short sale approval assistance for Agents.

•  We purchase all types of distressed under market valued properties.

•  We buy commercial property, single-family, Multi-family, town homes & condominiums.

•  We buy properties in any condition, needing repairs anywhere from simple rehabs to complete tear downs.

Let's discuss how we can help each other. Submit your contact info below & one of your associates will contact you shortly.



At Ray's the Roof Real Estate Investments, LLC we are only interested in working with quality focused, ethical, reliable, and professional contractors with proven track records.

Below are our requirements for hiring contractors:
References are a must, from former and or current clients, professional affiliations with the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, Angie's List or trade organizations such as Certified Graduate remodeler (CGR), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), or American Association of Safety Engineers to name a few .

Copies of the following documents are required, Contractor's license and Bond, General liability & Workers Compensation insurance, any specialized licenses and certifications. The same information is required for any sub-contractors you use.

A commitment to safety is of utmost importance. We will review your company's safety record.

A complete criminal background check on all employees and sub-contractors who will be on the job site.

We will inspect your company vehicles, to verify they are lettered with your company name, license, phone numbers and location.

We also inspect the conditions of your tools, equipment and storage areas. Having duplicate tools and equipment is a big plus in the event something breaks down, work will not come to a stop.

An itemized bid that outlines full details of work and a description of materials necessary to complete the job. (Materials pricing should be based on industry standards.)

Weekly face to face updates with site foreman.

Signing a detailed contract which includes a full description of the project with a complete time line, start date to estimated completion date. Total cost, & how additional cost will be handled if necessary. Workmanship warranty provision and terms. Agreement to start project with 10% down and a schedule of payments or draws if required.

A copy of all permits required to complete the job.

A final walk through after job is complete.

An affidavit of final release or lien waiver before final payment is made.

A contingency plan outlining a process to acquire materials from a secondary vendor in the event of an emergency. This displays forethought and instills confidence, which will put you ahead of most of your competition.

The Benefits of working with us include:

Steady work.

We provide you with a scope of work to make the bidding process easier. Incentives for completing work on and before scheduled.

Referrals to our list of Investors, House Flippers and Wholesalers who are always looking for competent, trustworthy contractors.

If you meet our requirements and want to work with a winning team submit your information below and one of our associates will contact you shortly.

Pre-Screening Contractor Application